Friday, August 26, 2011

White House Announcements, Regulations and Telemedicine

We are getting on the fast track.

President Obama recently announced a series of decisions to streamline the federal bureaucracy by eliminating hundreds of regulatory requirements across two dozen agencies, the changes could save $10 billion over five years. Included in the announcement was the May 5, 2011 decision to eliminate duplicative credentialing and privileging for telemedicine. CMS estimates that this will result in roughly $13.6 million in net savings.

The Administration and Congress are also considering a number of other regulatory changes related to telehealth that will further reduce costs and expand the availability and quality of care. Some of these were generated internally inside the Administration, others came as suggestions from ATA. Here are several examples:

  • The President has personally declared that he wants to a policy that allows patients to have face to face video chats with their doctor.

  • The Federal Communications Commission is streamlining a bureaucratically-clogged program to greatly expand rural health care networks.

  • The Administration and Congress are looking at ways to eliminate red tape and allow patients to access doctors and specialists in other states without having to go through the delays, complications and costs of getting duplicate state medical licenses.

  • CMS is considering changing regulations to allow Accountable Care Organizations to provide telemedicine services, reducing their costs and improving care.

Stay tuned...


  1. hello, i would love to read more about this announcement, but it seems the link is not active anymore. could you re-post it, please? thanks so much! - bryan

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Remove the last "." of the link, you will access that page.


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