Thursday, August 26, 2010

ATA 2010 Summit – What a Difference a Year Makes

Last spring, the ATA staff proposed that this year’s Mid Year meeting include a Summit to showcase national leaders from government, the largest insurers, leading medical centers and other sectors that are embracing telemedicine and the changes they are spearheading to expand its use. As I look over the list of speakers who have readily agreed to participate in the Summit, I realize that there is no better sign of the change that has taken place for telemedicine.

The list includes the top or number two leaders from many organizations that would not consider the use of telemedicine one or two years ago. Today, not only are they coming to speak and meet our members but they are all talking about major new initiatives that will expand the use of telemedicine and resolve long-standing barriers. Take a look at the agenda for the Summit as well as the Pediatric Symposium and see for yourself how much things are different. I hope to see you there.

It is an incredible feeling to live through such change. Who knew that we would have to wait 20 years for things to change overnight?